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An iron deficiency can make you feel weak, unable to concentrate and more susceptible than normal to infection.

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Calcium for strong bones If we build strong bones Wealthy women seeking in sunflower our youth, we reduce the eomen of osteoporosis also called brittle bone womwn as we get older. Wsalthy is best absorbed when taken on an empty stomach but alongside meals or drinks rich in vitamin C to increase uptake. The risk of suffering from this debilitating condition increases dramatically if your bones are weak. Symptoms of magnesium deficiency include muscular spasms, cramps, lethargy, poor memory and sleep disorders. It can be weeks before you realise you are pregnant, which is why all women of child-bearing age are advised to take a supplement.

Pregnant women are advised to use an alternative source of fish oil without vitamin A - look for supplements labelled simply as omega-3 supplements.