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While women's work is more likely to be chronically stressful, rather than exposing them to traumatic events or the risk of accidental injury, there are specific physical risks for some women that remain under-researched. However, the family responsibilities of younger women are more often recognized in the workplace than those of older women, despite ILO recommendations [ 335 ].

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There has also been a lack of research on women's health in the workplace at all ages. However, research showing the adverse effects of stress on menopausal health suggests that where paid work increases stress this may have a particularly important impact on older women's health [ 20 ]. However, we know little about their health—the Mallu acsidentel sex influences on their health and the ways in which paid and unpaid work impact on both physical and mental well being. However, it is also important to note the diversity of older women and their employment—not all women benefit equally from the work they do, and the nature of the benefits paid work might offer will depend on the job itself, pay, status, the control a woman has over her work and access to transport to place of work.

Benefits of paid employment Before looking at the costs to health of paid work, it is important to consider the various ways in which having a job can be beneficial for older women, particularly as large numbers of women continue to work into old age.