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It can be unnerving. She has just flown in from Los Angeles, where she has her other, non-London, home, to begin promoting The Ghost, Camdortsinemafilimleri Polanski's take on the Robert Harris bestseller, which is called The Ghost Writer in America so they don't confuse it with someone getting fruity over wobbly pottery. No, the trepidation was over the obvious Blair parallel. I can't quite tell, in retrospect, whether Williams would appreciate the comparison, but meeting her is like meeting Kristin Scott Thomas — not the actress, but, possibly even better, the Four Weddings character made real: I think the answer was communicating their enjoyment in things, including their children in the things which they themselves love.

And, without giving away too much, to have Roman Polanski create your denouement for two hours — again, thank you Lord.