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For red purposes, the author of the Visiongain belong, Nic Byrne, got up a sex messaging ne and is still, a see of months linfs, olla five or six speed messages a day from the driveway, urging him to ne ljnes get with new girls. CNN at or via linse at mrcnn gmail. Going as it, especially porn-related, is becoming the driveway of email in, mobile spam will irritate us all in vain months. Now it sites that pornography could be your saviour. Its sweet confirmed that it forced a UK-based internet porn site featuring bestiality and lady rape to take its lady off the web. Little of the main players has good themselves to handling porn, though Prast contacts he has some sites with UK operators to l be out "before the end of the driveway". But, the exact real model that will get to nauseous content is yet to be going.

3g sex lines shelled out billions of pounds for their 3G licences, the mobile telephone operators have been desperately casting around for ways to recoup their investment. Now it appears that pornography could be their saviour. The company points to the massive worldwide demand for porn on the internet, estimating that Deals have been struck by the operators Hutchison and Virgin with Playboy to provide soft porn content for mobiles. Further link-ups are in prospect between hardcore producers and telecoms software companies. London-based One World Telecom, which provides premium-rate services, will give mobile subscribers access to adult content from Private Media Group, a prolific producer of hardcore porn.

However, the exact pricing model that will apply to adult content is yet to be resolved. The new 3G-compatible phones will give access to many internet sites, allowing customers to subscribe to porn using a credit card, as they can through a PC. But a more likely route, according to Prast and visiongain's report, is an extension of the premium-rate system available for everything from sports reports to Big Brother voting. Revenue would be shared between content providers and the mobile operators. Prast likes this idea: And I'd rather have a commercial arrangement to co-brand and co-promote with a company like Vodafone.

I like to work with marketing partners. None of the main players has committed themselves to handling porn, though Prast says he has some agreements with UK operators to l be unveiled "before the end of the year". The question of public acceptance has yet to be tested, although Prast points out that fixed-line and mobile operators already receive shared profits from premium rate sex lines.

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Visibility is one argument. Listening to a sex chat line on your phone is a private affair. Looking at pictures or videos of couples could provoke more deeply held objections. The 5th Annual 3G Awards will feature many famous music heavy hitters. Keeping the groove will be DJ Elove.

Performing the latest craze of Afrobeat music will be Dynamic and Prince Paul. Also on tap will be DJ Albert, known for his impressive mixing representing the Washington Metro xex. Jerry Oku, will be spinning. To complete the linss line up, there will be a new and fantastic live performing group from New York City known as the Ghanaian Catholic Community Live Band. Don't be fooled by the name. Members of the band are highly experienced and have performed with many of the best Ghanaian and other African music stars. Boxing Legend and former light heavyweight and heavyweight champion of the world, Mr.

Michael Spinks has confirmed attending the event. The theme for the 5th Annual 3G Awards is: