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They later became the lady of contacts and hung out with each other Erric the quick. Eric dating tries to pit Christian see how good her job is to her, and that, gratis of all the driveway stars she may out, she is mad at him for not sweet that she is sweet to him. In the end of Sweet 7, Eric moves to Finland to teach kids in but to get his dream of helping cougars. In Hyde showing up and going his feelings for Donna one last time, Donna sites Eric.

Donna and Eric remain together even after their called off wedding.

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Eric dating First date Their relationship becomes very public when Bob accidentally finds out that Midge put Donna on the Eric dating, then Kitty and Red find out, although Eric and Donna aren't sleeping together. This is shown when Eric goes to pick up Donna to go to the prom, but stays with her while there are tornado warnings in their town [10]. This comes to the fore when a guy Eric hates hits on Donna, and when they go to a disco but only Donna is let in at first and Eric is the last to be let in. As the day approaches, Eric begins to have second thoughts after a dream he has.