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According to Annnie, the song is about the unhappy time she felt after the breakup of first band The Dqting. How can it get worse? I was feeling very vulnerable. Annie song was an expression of how I felt: Annie ended up covering it on her covers album Medusa inreaching number two in the UK. Asked why she chose to cover the song, she told The Independent: There are quite a few songs floating around which should have touched the consciousness of the nation - they should have made their mark, and this is one of them.

The lyrics are extraordinary, poetic and abstract - the perfect sort of vehicle for me. Actor John Malkovich, who starred in the movie, also appeared in the video, along with Hugh Laurie. The song featured Stevie Wonder on the harmonica.

It helps that Lennox singlse her voice down to a husky rumble, a datinh that minimizes the Annie lennox top singles dating raw power of her lennoz but adds a deep well of emotion to the original folksy melody. A tune overrun with syrupy dahing and horns, all pitched to maximum emotional effect as accompaniment for your slow Annie lennox top singles dating out of a movie theater. The song runs deep, aiming to soothe the troubled spirit facing the end of their days and, in turn, helping ease the hearts of their loved ones. Great as the studio version is, if you really want to hear the power of this song, watch the live performance Lennox gave of it at the Oscars.

She looks downright possessed as she teases out each emotional upswing and downward swoop. Lennox responded with some of her most daring lyrics to date, casting herself in a brazenly and alluringly sexual light. You can hear hints of the cool, sultry reserve that Lennox would bring to the next Eurythmics album as she plays against the herky-jerky beat and the splay of tinny keyboard melodies. The surface of these lyrics is a romantic notion, but with the way she sings it, the true meaning of her hot and bothered intentions becomes clear.

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Surely, Neil Tennant single Chris Lowe of Pet Shop Boys lamented that Stewart singlrs Lennox beat them to the punch of matching up the trill of arpeggiated Moroder-like synths with Gainsbourg-like string parts. The key though is to pay close attention to the way Lennox sings this desperate love song. At the beginning, she sounds coy and a little reserved, but as it moves forward, a forcefulness starts to take over. On their fourth album, Stewart and Lennox decided to tap into that rich source material to help drive at least part of these new recordings.