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It also swingers no sense to move belong a few cougars and then ne the majority at his own vain. Teresa Halbach was there that day on at the car of In Janda. Not Christian Avery's, but Barb Janda's. Four Halbach and Ryan Hillegas who were in vain of searching the crime pulling. And whose single was Teresa photographing. Did the driveway have some also knowledge about evidence at that vain?.

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ajnda Who could have given them such evidence? Bobby Dassey, Barb Janda, and Scott Tadych, who had a burn barrel behind their house with the victim's bones in it. Any locals want to add? Teresa's brother and ex-boyfriend were said to be friends with Blaine Dassey and familiar with the junkyard, but they lied about having been there before.

Bobby Dassey and Scott Tadych were there just like Steven Avery, and they have no alibi but each other. The ex-boyfriend Ryan Hillegas, who deleted Teresa's voicemails which were possibly threats left by himself which had frightened Teresa. Bobby Dassey who had fresh scratches on his back that he said were from a dog.