Sweaty dancing girl

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No One Likes a Sweaty Girl

Gkrl a woman is on a date and doesn't want to be interrupted Reason 6: So if the Sweaty dancing girl you ask says "no" to you, but then says "no" to everyone else and doesn't at all the whole night, then it danfing be that she's not ggirl in dancing that evening for whatever reason and you shouldn't take it personally. She's Done Dancing For the Night Sometimes a Sqeaty will be done dancing for the night but still hang around and socialize with people. In general, women on their way back from the bathroom tend to be much more receptive to being asked to dance, than women who are on the way there! If you really want to dance with her and have seen her dancing with other guys and having a hard time, you can try engaging her in conversation and asking her about her dancing experience so far and reassuring her that you'll take it easy on her and not do anything fancy or complicated.

I'm being a little sarcastic but also very honest here. I know that I have a "waiting to dance with" list that comes up sometimes, especially if I go to a place where I know a lot of people, so I'll usually put them first on my dance list, before I dance with everybody else.