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The Archaeology of Plural and Changing Identities

Their colour was always fresh and durable, and could be damaged neither by rain nor by snow. This Sluts in trethellan water mean that it was the Fomorians who brought both agriculture and the metalwork to Ireland. We also see that when the Milesians came to Irleand, the Fomorians were still there. In Irish it is said that it comes from du-do- prefix which denoting badness of quality, Irish, Old Irish du. This is what Serbian tradition tells us about Hromi Daba: After all the attempts to eradicate the belief in Crom Dubh from Ireland and to turn the oldest sky god of Evroasia into the Dark Lord, the Devil, the Evil king of the Earth, the Irish languages still managed to preserve the true meaning of Crom Dubh in this one little phrase: